Nachgefragt - Armando Braswell bei Kunst im Club 2012

Armando Braswell is a professional dancer from Brooklyn, NY. Aside from his dancing career, Armando is also an aspiring choreographer. Armando's ballets have been featured in numerous festivals and competitions such as the International Competition for Choreographers in Hannover, the International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival in Stuttgart, the 2009 Tanzwelten Festival at the Staatstheater Braunschweig, and the Noverre-Gesellschaft Evening with the Stuttgart Ballet.

 Armando has also created works for the Balletttheater München Young Choreographen at Statstheater am Gartnerplatz, the Manhattan Dance Company, the Luca Tanz Project, five creations for Gauthier Dance and two duets for Танцюють всі! The Ukraine version of the television show "So You Think You Can Dance".

Who are you / Wer bist du?
Dreamer, Father, Husband, Best Friend, Dancer, Choreographer, Artist, and leader. Not necessarily in that order... Long version over here.

Why Art / Warum Kunst?
I don't feel like I chose Art. Art chose me. It's in my blood. In my head. In my heart. There is Nothing I could have done about it. Asking why I chose art, is liking asking why I chose to be black.

Why Kunst im Club / Warum Kunst im Club?
Lets face it... Kunst I'm Klub is the most interesting multi - arts event happening in Stuttgart. There's nothing like it. It's a place where artist of many backgrounds can go to challenge all of your senses....This event is Alive!!! It's full of energy... Definitely in the forefront of the free arts scene. As a New Yorker I am drawn to this type of event. It pushes my boundaries as an artist. A fantastic source for inspiration.

What matters to you / Was ist dir wichtig?
Eye Contact and Honesty and love.

How do you implement those things / Wie setzt du es um?
I stay open, stay clear, and focused. But seriously..... It's different every time. Not sure if I really understand this question....