Broken Fingaz Crew (Haifa/Israel) bei Kunst im Club 2013

Outer Rim Stuttgart e.V.
Kunst im Club Festival 2013
5. – 7. Juli, Club Zollamt – Stuttgart Bad-Cannstatt

Broken Fingaz Crew (Haifa/Israel)
Graffiti / Live-Painting

Hochkarätiger und internationaler Besuch beim Outer Rim Stuttgart e.V. Kunst im Club Festival 2013: die Broken Fingaz Crew aus Haifa/Israel wird live für Euch malen!
Ihr äußerst erfolgreiches musikalisches Projekt 3421 haben sie bei Ihrem Besuch in Stuttgart ebenfalls im Gepäck. Ihr dürft gespannt sein!

Founded in 2001, multidisciplinary, pioneering collective Broken Fingaz (Kip, Unga, Tant and Deso) are regarded as one of the first graffiti crews to emerge from Haifa, Israel. With their DIY approach and shared appreciation of good illustration, the BFC’s success has been resonant, both in their native country and on the international scene. In over a decade working together, they are renowned for their unique, inimitable style, inspired by the peaks and troughs of everyday ephemera, old comic books, 80s skateboards graphics, neo psychedelia, among many other things.
Starting out by painting on the street, and designing posters and graphics for local venues, the BFC’s work encompasses graphic design, painting, film and installation, representative of a new wave of artists who are continually manipulating new media, and circumventing the conventional models laid out for putting out art. 
Elucidating the importance of their contributions to the shape of the contemporary scene, the BFC’s work was presented at exhibitions at Israel’s most important visual arts institutes: the Tel Aviv Museum (2011) and the Haifa Museum of Art (2010). Exhibiting extensively inside Israel, in Europe, the BFC’s debut solo exhibition took place in London in April 2012, with further shows in Paris and Vienna following later in May and July of the same year. For the last couple of years, the Fingaz have spent a lot of their time on the road; their paintings can be seen on the streets of cities across China, Japan, Cambodia, Israel, UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and more.
In the press, the crew are favourites at cult underground magazines including Juxtapoz, Complex, Koikoikoi and VNA, as well as being regular features on the worldwide network of blogs dedicated to their area of practice. Recent mainstream press on the BFC’s work can be seen at the Independent (UK) The Evening Standard (UK) and many more.

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Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der KULTURINSEL Stuttgart (Original).

Foto/Artwork: © Copyright Broken Fingaz Crew