headshotboyz [FUSELab, Project: Mooncircle] bei Kunst im Club 2013

Outer Rim Stuttgart e.V.
Kunst im Club Festival 2013
5. – 7. Juli, Club Zollamt – Stuttgart Bad-Cannstatt

headshotboyz [FUSELab, Project: Mooncircle] - (Budapest/Ungarn)
Beat-Maker Live-Set
Freitag 05.07.3013

Wir freuen uns übertrieben auf unsere Gäste aus Budapest/Ungart „headshotboyz“!
Sie werden uns am Freitag den 05.07. beim Outer Rim Stuttgart e.V. Kunst im Club Festival 2013 mit ihren mächtigen, experimentellen Beats glatt bügeln!

Headshotboyz was formed in 2007 by Lajos Nadhazi and Kristof Ambrozy, two long-time friends living in Budapest, Hungary. Back then they thought ‘headshotboyz’ was not a cheesy name at all. Well, it was, and is, still. But as soon as you hear their production, you will have to take them seriously: it is a testament to their shared belief that music is about diversity, and about constant evolution. From their initial productions leaning towards the 4/4 side of the electronic spectrum, they have come a long way, defining their sound to the intricate soundscapes and poignant experimentations it is today. You can’t really define what genre of music it is without either being wrong or making a fool out of yourself. What you can do is nid-nod to the end result: the bassheavy-but-melodic ‘hoodmusic’.


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Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der KULTURINSEL Stuttgart (Original).

Foto: © iambarnie.com